📌 26 Rue Massena 06000 Nice

A unique luggage storage in Nice

Luggage storage Suzette offers hot and cold drinks that are well appreciated after dropping your luggage and visiting Nice hands-free

Daily 9am-11pm

Luggage storage Suzette has safe and secure lockers for your belongings

Secure service

Luggage storage Suzette has toilet for its customers, ideal after a lovely tour of Nice's beauties

Toilet available

Luggage storage Suzette offers Wifi to its customers, ideal to download the PDF guide of Nice

Onsite wifi

What's special about luggage storage Suzette?

🥞 Creperie Suzette is a French restaurant located in the historical center of Nice, serving delightful pancakes as well as many other local dishes

💎 Loved by locals as well as tourists, it's become a popular place to start for anyone wanting to explore Nice and its hidden gems

🌟 As well as greeting you with a smile and a warm welcome, we'll make sure your stay in Nice is as enjoyable as possible. Ask us anything!

What facilities are available at Creperie Suzette?

Customers are welcome to use the clean toilet anytime when they drop their luggage or come back to pick it up. They can also enjoy the fast wifi available on premise for smartphones, tablets or laptops. All you have to do is to ask nicely as soon as you get to the location and you'll be instructed on how to use the facilities.

What type of food is served at Creperie Suzette?

Creperie Suzette serves a choice of French pancakes and drinks, either warm or cold, inside the restaurant or on its sunny terrace. The menu isn't as big as in other restaurants nearby but the quality is very high: you're guaranteed to have a great time here for both the content of your plate and the service!

What drinks are on the menu?

You may order fresh French cider, soft drinks, water as well as hot beverages that will perfectly match the pancakes on the menu. Ask for our suggestions and we'll make sure you find food and drinks that will delight you. Exploring Nice is exhausting and requires a lot of energy, so enjoy a nice break while you're at Creperie Suzette.

What's unique about luggage storage Suzette?

There are other luggage lockers in Nice but none will welcome you so wholeheartedly, at your service to make your stay in Nice memorable and to encourage you to come back! Foodies will enjoy the large selection of sweet and savoury pancakes and cold and hot drinks, refilling your batteries after a beautiful visit of the old town or just before you move forward on your journey.

Can I come with my family?

Anyone is welcome at Creperie Suzette and families too, provided the kids are not too noisy :) The terrace is practical, leaving space for everyone and creating a cosy atmosphere that we all appreciate in friendly restaurants. It's true that families enjoy coming as the place is suitable and convenient, always providing the possibility to leave behind a stroller or a change of clothes you don't need for the day.

Is Creperie Suzette accessible by wheelchair?

The terrace of Creperie Suzette is easily accessible by wheelchair from the street level but there are stairs to access the inner part of the restaurant and the toilets.

Can you help organising my visit in Nice?

For sure, we'll be happy to answer your questions about Nice as soon as you reach the Creperie Suzette. In the meantime, you may download a PDF that will tell you everything about visiting Nice if you click on the booking button and enter your email.

What should I not miss during my stay in Nice?

The coastline is one of the most beautiful features of Nice and has inspired artists in the fields of architecture, painting, music or cinema. Have a stroll and discover creeks and sea-beds through sailing, water skiing or scuba diving. Enjoy gastronomy, shopping, culture, events that pass your way, you'll bring back home memories that will last a lifetime.

What's the best way to travel outside of Nice?

The city center of Nice is easily discovered by foot but the transportation infrastructure allows you to cover more ground without breaking a sweat. Hop on a train and you'll be able to go to the Vallée des Merveilles (hiking), Dignes les bains (spa), Var or Italy... Busses also enable you to move around the Alpes Maritimes department for 1€ each way. A minibus can also be arranged and rental cars offer freedom after registering through an app.

Can Creperie Suzette help me to book a taxi?

We thrive to make your stay in Nice as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so ask us anything! Booking a taxi is easy for us as we have contacts with reliable and friendly drivers that will take you anywhere in the area, from the port to Monaco, in a cost-effective manner.

What areas of Nice are considered dangerous?

Nice has cooled down over the years and you may now go anywhere without problem, although avoiding going anywhere else than the city center when it becomes dark. If you have any doubt about where you're heading and want a confirmation from a local, ask our staff who'll be very happy to help, as long as you take any advice with a pinch of salt as we all have a bias and personal preferences!

What do customers say about Creperie Suzette?

Customers love Creperie Suzette both for the quality of the service and the taste of the pancakes. After being warmly welcomed to the restaurant, they enjoy the sunshine at the terrasse and don't see time fly by. But the best is to experience it for yourself and leave a review at the end!

Are there other Creperie Suzette in Nice or elsewhere?

No, this isn't a restaurant chain! Creperie Suzette is an independent facility that thrives to deliver the best possible service and a local experience that you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy it while you're in Nice and come back to see us for your next stay!

Who should I contact in case of an accident?

The basic reflex is to call 112, the European emergency number, free on any phone. Other local numbers exist and you'll find all details in the PDF that you'll receive as soon as you book a space in the luggage storage.

Can I leave my wallet while I go to the beach?

As a precaution, it's important never to leave any possessions unattended when you go swimming at the beach. Stow your wallet and smartphone at luggage storage Suzette and get it back after your sunbathing/swimming session!