📌 26 Rue Massena 06000 Nice

An ideal locker for short or long term storage

Luggage Storage Massena is a safe and cost-effective manner to stow your luggage and visit Nice without dragging your bags around
Luggage Storage Massena also offers pancakes and drinks to enjoy before or after visiting Nice

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Luggage storage Suzette is a flexible solution

Be it for an hour or for days, luggage storage Suzette is a reliable and trustworthy solution to stow your luggage worry-free. No need to bother a friend or ask a favour from your hotel at the other end of the city, your luggage will be ready the moment you come back in the city center, allowing you to go anywhere easily and move on with the rest of your holiday plans.

A safe place to leave your luggage in Nice

Drop your luggage in the storage of creperie Suzette and go visit Nice hands-free. The luggage locker is secured and located at the heart of Nice, 4 minutes on foot from Massena square. The opening times allow you to explore Nice from the morning to the evening, all year round.

How long can I store my luggage?

You may leave your luggage for a few hours while you visit Nice or leave it for days or even months if you have to go away from Nice and come back later. Your luggage will be safely stored and you'll be able to pick it up anytime during opening hours.

What's the size limit for my luggage?

Creperie Suzette accepts, subject to free space in the locker, all types and sizes of luggage, suitcases, bags and parcels but also motorcycle or scooter helmets, backpacks, coats, ski equipment, scooters... Use the booking button to a space for your belongings!

What are Creperie Suzette's business hours?

Luggage storage Suzette is open at the same time as the Creperie Suzette and welcomes you to have a pancake or a drink just after getting your luggage back. In case of a doubt on the opening times, feel free to contact us by phone, SMS or Whatsapp.

Is it possible to rent a locker?

Yes, renting a locker is possible and all you have to do is to use the booking form on this website: you'll receive an email confirmation with a booking code that may be requested when you leave your luggage later on.

How many lockers is it possible to book?

When you make a booking, there's no restriction on the number of bags you may bring but if the total is above 5, please make sure you confirm the space available by phone before you come to Creperie Suzette.

What dimensions are the lockers?

All bags are handled by the staff but for information the lockers are big enough for one large bag or two smaller ones. For extra large or bulky items, another storage space is available upon request by phone or Whatsapp.

How do I get my belongings back at the end?

At the end of the session, when you come back to pick up your belongings, all you have to do is to show the confirmation slip that was given to you when you handed in your luggage as a proof of ownership. The process is simple and fast, allowing you to indulge in some fresh pancakes or drinks at the terrace before you move on with your journey.

What happens if I arrive too late and the Creperie Suzette is closed?

Unfortunately if you arrive too late and the luggage storage is closed, you'll have to wait until the next day to collect your belongings. However in case of an emergency, you may try to contact us by phone or Whatsapp.

Who do I contact in case of an issue?

Should you have an urgent problem or question, feel free to call us by phone or Whatsapp. He'll make sure to offer a suitable solution and attend to your luggage storage needs in a personalised manner so that you'll feel welcome and happy to come back again later. If you're unable to reach us, don't hesitate to come directly to the Creperie Suzette to get further help.

Can I modify or cancel a booking?

Yes, you may modify or cancel a booking by calling the number or sending a Whatsapp message. You may also come directly to Creperie Suzette to get your luggage back or extend your booking by a few days if you feel like it. By offering the maximum flexibility, we aim at providing the best possible customer experience and improve the quality of your stay on the French Riviera.

How can I pay for the luggage storage?

All payments are handled directly at the location and the cost of the luggage storage can be added to your bill if you're having food or drinks. Feel free to look at the menu and order some of the delicious pancakes for breakfast, lunch or anytime during the day. Depending on the final amount owed, you may pay by cash or by card.

What happens in case of theft, damage, fire...?

In the unlikely case of theft, damage or fire happening to the bags, all costs may be recovered from the insurance of the owner as Creperie Suzette cannot be held responsible for such matters, beside putting all possible measures in place to prevent them and mitigate risks.

Is this part of a larger luggage storage network?

Luggage storage Suzette is a local and independent business with no links to other storage networks, allowing it to provide the best possible service without being accountable to foreign stakeholders and obey imposed guidelines. You'll notice the difference with other services and we hope you'll appreciate it!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service is a flat fee per item and per day, with no restriction on the number of days and number of items, provided the storage isn't full and the staff has confirmed reception of the items. Discounts are available for longer storage durations, feel free to ask more at the location to find the most suitable price plan for you.

What safety precautions are in place for Covid-19?

Health and safety are a top priority, especially in the case of Covid-19, and all possible measures are taken to provide the best conditions to handle luggage and interact with customers in order to prevent the spread of the disease.